100 England Football Anthems Playlist

england football anthems

Football fans! With the World Cup Qualifying Group fast approaching (Scotland vs England, June 10th), get ready and match-fit with the greatest football anthems party of all time, courtesy of Union Square Music.

100 England Football Anthems features every England football anthem past and present. From stadium favourites including Fat Les, Ant & Dec, The Four Lions, Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds, to montage-friendly hits from Blur, The White Stripes, Take That, Stevie Wonder, The Enemy and Embrace, this collection has something for every England fan.

As we look back and remember some of our favourite and memorable World Cups and European Championships, we also remember the football anthems that accompanied them. Some were classic, inspired songs, still in rotation today, whilst others are perhaps best forgotten.

The tradition of World Cup songs began in 1970 and continued till 2006, apart from finals for which England failed to qualify (1972, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1984, 1994 and 2008). Some of the later official songs were eclipsed by unofficial songs released around the same time; at least 15 World Cup-themed singles were released for the 2002 finals, and 30 for 2006. There would be no official song for the 2010 finals.

Check out the 100 England Football Anthems playlist, and let us know if your favourite is one there. Even though international football is often the source of heartbreak for many England fans over the years, when thousands of fans raise their voices together inspired by the traditions of the national team they love, the collective chorus is is powerful enough to stir even the most jaded hearts. Come on England!

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