Monday, January 24, 2022
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Welcome to Sport Playlists, bringing you the essential music playlists from the sport industry.

Heard a great track on a sport show? Check out Skysports, BBC Sport, BT Sport, talkSPORT and other broadcaster playlists here. Listen to the current favourites on Soccer AM, BT Sport’s Top Picks or check out the music soundtracking the Alan Brazil Sport Breakfast Show.

Follow official football clubs playlists from Liverpool FC, Stoke City FC, Reading FC, Cardiff FC and other leading UK football clubs, plus organisers own playlists NFL UK, RFL, British Tennis, Emirates FA Cup to name a few.

Playlists are a fantastic way to create engagement around sport, so we reach out to both players and musicians to join in and create exclusive playlists to share with fans. Check out our VIP Playlists featuring Liam Gallagher’s Man City Take Over Playlist.

Sport Playlists is powered by Shoot Music who create music policies for sport organisations and clubs, plug new music to broadcasters on behalf of rights holders and create unique promotions for the music and sport industries. Shoot Music provide playlist strategy, social media interaction, event entertainment, artist promotions and more.