Aeris Roves blends R&B and soul into latest single ‘Offline’


Aeris Roves has today unveiled his brand new single ‘Offline’.

A potent blend of introspective R&B, late-night soul, and Aeris’ confessional croon, ‘Offline’ navigates for an IRL, emotional connection amidst the often-exhausting world of online love.

His most accomplished release to date, ‘Offline’ also showcases the refreshingly candid way with old-school romance, modern-day masculinity (and the tension between the two) which Aeris is quickly making his own.

Listen to ‘Offline’ by Aeris Roves on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Aeris Roves’ questioning, inquisitive nature has arguably been there from birth. It’s there in his star-gazing name alone (Aeris meaning “atmosphere” in Latin, and Roves translating as “to travel”) and it’s there in the sometimes-extreme circumstances which have informed his early years, from growing up in South Yorkshire to his parents’ separation, addiction, and Aeris’ relocation.

What he lacked in stability Aeris first found in football upon moving to Charlton, and then in choir, before he set about producing his own music. Melding influences of soul, gospel, hip-hop and R&B, Roves’ early recordings have taken down roots in the life he has made firmly for himself near the secluded park on the Isle of Dogs – which gave debut project ‘Moon By Island Gardens’ its introspective but gently reassuring title, and allowed Roves to process his past as much as articulate his future.

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