Canadian alt-rockers The Blue Stones unveil new track ‘Let It Ride’


Alternative-rock duo The Blue Stones have unveiled ‘Let It Ride’, their latest single out on Entertainment One (eOne).

The track debuted on YouTube in the form of a live video, capturing the duo returning to their element on stage and giving fans a chance to experience the song as intended, as a captivating performance.

From the moment the fuzzed-out guitars kick off the track, Tarek Jafar’s bluesy voice and drummer Justin Tessier’s ground shaking beat combine to create a stadium-sized anthem, perfect for soundtracking an end-of-summer road trip.

Listen to ‘Let It Ride’ by The Blue Stones on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

About the track, Tarek states, “It’s a song about having an appetite for adventure and a desire for security at the same time. Musicians are ambitious and adventurous, and hard to pin down into a stable, traditional lifestyle. And if you want to love us, you have to let us roam.”

The video for ‘Let It Ride’ is the first part of Live on Display, a live performance the
band filmed at Smash Salvage, an antique store in Ontario.

Live on Display was directed and filmed by Tarek’s brother, Sameer Jafar, and producer Paul Meany (Mutemath, Twenty One Pilots) served as creative director. “Let It Ride” is just a piece of Live On Display and fans can expect more to come from the band over the
next few months.

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