The Amazons share ’25’ single from Top 10 charting album ‘Future Dust’


After the release of their victorious second album Future Dust in the former part of 2019, The Amazons have now released the track ’25’ as the latest single.

‘25’ boasts drums inspired by the likes of Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust for Life’ and encompasses the idea frontman Matt Thomson created and penned down on the trials and tribulations of being 25.

When speaking about the track, Matt said “I wrote ’25’ two months before I turned 25, to try to work out where I am in life. The song mimics the confusion that I constantly feel, that everyone my age feels. Are we all narcissists or are we really switched on?”

Listen to ’25’ by The Amazons on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

The Amazons’ sublime second album, which peaked at #9 in the UK Album charts, is as explosive as expected from the Reading rockers and is packed with surprises no one saw coming.

Ten monster songs make up Future Dust, an album that retools rock’s dark past for the present day while having an absolute blast. Loose blues grooves, religious references and falsetto backing vocals abound on songs that explore issues including social media witch hunts, eating disorders and depression, but never lose sight of a singalong.

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