Andy Burrows & Matt Haig release ‘Barcelona’ single from collaborative record


Musician, songwriter and former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows and number one, bestselling author Matt Haig will release their album collaboration, ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’, on February 1 2019 on Fiction Records.

The pair, whose friendship blossomed after they “met” on Twitter, have spent the past year passing ideas back and forth to create a stunning collection of songs loosely inspired by Haig’s much loved books, including ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ and ‘How to Stop Time’, with words by Haig and music by Burrows.

The first single from the album, Barcelona, is out now and the album will be brought to life with a series of Andy Burrows tour dates, including a show at London’s Oslo on February 19.

Listen to ‘Barcelona’ by Andy Burrows & Matt Haig on the Shoot Music New Releases Playlist on Spotify.

‘Reasons to Stay Alive’, its title boldly acknowledging the themes and influence of Haig’s autobiographical book, is a unique project: a rich, colourful suite of gutsy, classic songwriting.

Full of shades of Elton John, Supertramp and Queen, and with an emotional undercurrent that could not be more relevant in today’s world. Together the pair spin love stories, travel space and time, celebrate soul-mates and travel unflinchingly into the tenderer recesses of the mind.

The album burst into life over an intense first fortnight, with Andy in Los Angeles and Matt at home in Hove. Each afternoon, piano parts with the kind of melodies Haig had never envisaged would arrive in his inbox.“As soon as I heard what Andy was doing, I couldn’t have imagined it any other way,” says Haig. “He had somehow unlocked the melody inside the words.

“It was so instantaneous, to have that back and forth. When you write books it’s not the same, that’s more like the musician-producer relationship. I’ve hated collaborations before!”

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