Electro indie group Apollo Junction share new single ‘In Your Arms’


Leeds based electro indie group Apollo Junction are proud to announce their new single ‘In Your Arms’.

‘In Your Arms’ finds the band at their full creative tilt, delivering retooled classic indie with a modern twist and promises to be the track that fuels many parties this summer.

‘In Your Arms’ is a call to arms; pounding drums and driving synths coupled with 80’s bass riffs and crunching guitars create the music. Soaring vocals bring the track together.

Listen to ‘In Your Arms’ by Apollo Junction on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

“It’s a dedication to growing up, getting older and deciding where you want to be in life. The highs and lows still all lead to nowhere really. Everyone aims to get somewhere and do something special but regardless all we have is what is in our hearts.” claims guitarist Matt Wilson.

Apollo Junction’s songs capture the euphoria of music, mixing strong guitar hooks, driving bass and passionate vocals.

From New Order through Giorgio Moroder, to The Cure, The Charlatans and Daft Punk, Apollo Junction use their influences to write insanely memorable, hugely uplifting tunes.

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