AREA21 unveil video for latest track ‘Lovin’ Every Minute’


Dutch-American dance music duo AREA21 have released their latest song and video, ‘Lovin’ Every Minute’ in a series of releases detailing the alien duo’s adventures here on Earth.

The song, written by real life artists Martin Garrix and Maejor, shines a spotlight on living in the moment and the importance of the human connection. The cover art features light passing from alien to human and represents uplifting another by a simple touch,

“With your energy and spirit, you can change someone’s mood just by how you treat them” said AREA21. Meanwhile the video takes a look at how M & M are loving every minute of their time here on Earth and hints at what’s ahead for the duo.

Listen to ‘Lovin’ Every Minute’ by AREA21 on the Official F1 Tracks Playlist on Spotify.

The video details M & M’s journey so far – from their accidental crash in the Nevada desert, being chased by the ominous Lady T to partying in Vegas and floating through the Louvre in Paris.  There’s even a hint at what’s to come.

Since the release of new music in April, AREA21 has amassed over 29 million combined streams and a combined social imprint of over 42 million. With more songs and videos to come, the duo are running at full speed towards their debut album releasing this fall.

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