Young producer and songwriter Ay Ay shares new single ‘what you need’


Young producer and songwriter Ay Ay shares his latest single ‘what you need’, featuring QNTN.

Ay Ay grew up in Bavaria, Germany, in a very conservative and wealthy neighbourhood, but from the offset, he knew he didn’t fit in.

His mum was an underpaid secretary and his father worked as a gardener during the day and played DJ gigs during the night in order to pay off the family’s debt.

In his early teenage years, he fought with addictions and started slowly abusing himself, hoping to escape the world. When he turned 15 though, he was bored of all his stoner friends and felt the urge to do something. He was already rapping, but now immersed himself into producing and started creating his own world, his way out of the reality he was born into.

Listen to ‘what you need (feat. QNTN)’ by Ay Ay on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

His turbulent teenage years left a deep scar: he was diagnosed with depersonalisation disorder (DPD). He believes that it wasn’t only drugs causing this issue, but also his heavy non-stop internet consumption.

DPD may have been a creative force for Ay Ay’s songwriting, but as he elaborates: “We should speak more about the negative side effects of DPD, such as anxiety, panic attacks and feeling completely disconnected from other people.”

His goal and message is to provide his listeners the needed strength to make up their minds out about what they need to move ahead in life and, he hopes, his songs will spread the needed energy to reach out for it.

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