Liverpool-based jazz-pop band Baiana unveil debut single ‘Miso Loco’


Liverpool-based Brazilian jazz-pop band Baiana, formed by football agent to the stars Laura Doyle, have released their first single ‘Miso Loco (it’s a fine time in the sunshine)’.

Laura has always believed in fate, but there are more than unseen forces taking her on her journey to stardom.

An explorer and born-entertainer, from an early age the red-headed Liverpudlian behind new jazz-pop band Baiana travelled the world, learning languages, absorbing cultures and finding herself moving in ever-more quixotic circles; from being annointed “First Lady” of the Italian Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, translating for Fidel Castro, studying clowning under the great Philippe Gaulier in Paris to becoming a football agent to some of the world’s greatest players.

Listen to ‘Miso Loco (it’s a fine time in the sunshine)’ by Baiana on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

However, it was when fate brought Laura to live in Rio that the story of Baiana really begins, a time when she fell under the spell of the gods of Brazilian music like Sergio Mendes, Jorge Ben Jor and Joan Gilberto and was transformed forever.

A career in football brought her back to the UK but the calling to become a performer proved stronger still. One day, standing in front of a mirror and donning the first of her trademark headdresses, Baiana (which means “girl from Bahia, Brazil”) was born.

The band’s first single, ‘Miso Loco (it’s a fine time in the sunshine)’ has already proved a hit on Soundcloud with their fans being called “the sound of summer” by celebrities including John Bishop and Simon Rimmer.

With its infectious Latin rhythm and catchy chorus, ‘Miso Loco’ is sure to have you dancing your way out of the lockdown with a smile on your face, a caipirinha in your hand and a heart full of joy.

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