Balling With The Basketball Playlist


Basketball continues to rise! Now the 2nd most popular sport globally with over 1 billion followers, with leagues popping up in countries across the globe. With the NBA season in full swing, and our own British Basketball League now in full flight, check out our hoops-inspired basketball playlist, featuring fan favourites, park jams and stadium anthems.

Though it’s perhaps a little too cold to venture out to the park, our basketball playlist is still perfect for warm-ups – whether you’re getting into your pre-game, at the gym, or just watching the game. For those brave enough to hit the courts however, this selection will supply a double dose of energy and motivation to your game.

From the instrumental “Sirius” from The Alan Parsons project, which has become a staple of many college and professional sporting arenas throughout America, though best known for its use by the Chicago Bulls during its championship years of the 1990s, to stadium favourites from Drake and House of Pain, we’ve compiled quite a list. But did we miss anything? Leave any b-ball themed suggestions in the comment box below.

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