US rockers Band of Horses share ‘Lights’ single from forthcoming record


American rockers Band of Horses have shared ‘Lights’, the latest new song taken from their forthcoming album, Things Are Great, out March 4 via BMG.

Lead singer Ben Bridwell explains, “the song was meant to be a bit uplifting and I’m wishing for a better existence in a way. I’m getting over the things that had been going wrong in my life. The lights go on signifying it’s a better day kind of thing.”

‘Lights’ is included on the band’s sixth studio album and first record in more than five years. Sonically, the album is a return to their earlier work and the kind of raw ethos that lies at the heart of Band of Horses.

Listen to ‘Lights’ by Band of Horses on the Official F1 Tracks Playlist on Spotify.

A band that are able to channel the generational anxiety of 20-somethings in those early millennial years and turn it into a powerful and inclusive art, Band of Horses have fashioned gorgeously ragged epics with Ben Bridwell’s high-flying vocals and eccentric enunciation floating like a spectre over sweeping soundscapes that felt like prelude to a dream.

The songs always veered between two points: dark and light, strength and vulnerability, apathy and devotion, hope and despair, but hope always nosed a little ahead. 

Band founder Bridwell is a keen and enthusiastic storyteller, but also a relentless observer of the quirks and vagaries of the human heart and the peculiar beauty of dysfunction. Full of profundity, truth and sometimes just homespun advice of how to live, Band of Horses songs have become anthems, mantras and touchstones for fans. 

The group is now composed of Bridwell, longtime members Ryan Monroe (keyboards/guitar) and Creighton Barrett (drums), plus bassist Matt Gentling and guitarist Ian MacDougall.

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