Bang Bang Romeo & Example share self-appreciation message on ‘Love Yourself’


Yorkshire trio Bang Bang Romeo release an explosive and heart-felt track, titled ‘Love Yourself’, which features Example.

The release comes hot off the heels of touring sold-out stadiums with icon P!NK on her record-breaking, 10th highest grossing tour of all time in UK and Europe.

Example has a mammoth 15 UK Top 40 singles to his name, topping the charts with two #1 singles and a #1 album, Won’t Go Quietly.

Bang Bang Romeo went into the studio with Example after meeting him at an event in London and with the chemistry between them all the song came together in a matter of hours.

Listen to ‘Love Yourself (feat. Example)’ by Bang Bang Romeo on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Example and Bang Bang Romeo filmed the video for ‘Love Yourself’ in between their hectic schedules and across the Globe, with Example filming his parts from Australia and BBR filming theirs backstage in stadiums across Europe.

The song is about the unconditional love that we show to others but rarely show ourselves. The track showcases the fiery vocals of front-woman Anastasia “Stars” Walker, reinforcing the message of self-love, body positivity and self-acceptance. To Stars, accepting, believing in and loving one’s self is paramount, she states:

“For whatever reason, the unconditional love we show to others we rarely show ourselves. If I could give my fiancée one gift it would be for her to see herself through my eyes. She’d never not love herself again. We all know someone who forgets to love themselves – this track is the reminder.

“It was brilliant working with Example on this track. Funny as f***, genuine geezer, and inspiringly talented”.

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