Rising pop musician Beaux unveils latest single ‘guard down’


Rising pop musician Beaux today shares his irresistible new single ‘guard down’, out now via Dirty Hit.

Another undeniable display of beaux’s effortless flair for captivating pop melodies and relatable lyricism, the track complements his recent single ‘it’s a landslide’. Where ‘it’s a landslide’ focused on a relationship that isn’t working out through a sunny, optimistic lens, ‘guard down’ inspects regrets and the importance of vulnerability: “I know you’ve taken all you can, I hoped that you would understand, I think it’s time that I just let my guard down”.

Of ‘guard down’, beaux says, “‘guard down’ is a really fast paced track that takes some inspiration from my favourite band growing up, Green Day. I wrote it with Jonah Summerfield, and it’s a sort of introspective look at what i’ve learned over the years and how differently I could have acted in past situations if I knew what I know now.”

Listen to ‘guard down’ by beaux on the Shoot Music New Releases Playlist on Spotify.

With sonic touchstones from Rex Orange County to Troye Sivan to The 1975, 22-year-old beaux’s self-taught, super catchy synth driven pop pairs indie sensibilities with intimate storytelling. Earlier this year he shared his second EP, a love letter to the moments spent outside which featured the irresistibly catchy single what’s the point? and more ambientby the lake.

Written and largely inspired by the time spent in lockdown last summer, a love letter to the moments spent outside is exactly that: a captivating body of work inspired by finding peace in nature and time spent with loved ones.

Creating has always been in beaux’s blood; whether teaching himself visual effects at age 11, or posting videos on Vine at age 14 and sharing covers on YouTube – gaining him a huge online following as a result of their success – his savviness is no different when it comes to making music.

So determined to pursue his burgeoning musical career, beaux finished up his GCSEs and A-Levels several years early and taught himself how to produce in Logic using online tutorials. He signed to Dirty Hit after a chance DM to the label after seeing The 1975’s 2019 Reading Festival headline show, and is currently busy working away on more music in his home studio setup.

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