Biyi drops ‘Lately’ single from forthcoming EP project


North London artist Biyi shares new single ‘Lately’, via UK label tenwest and lifted from an upcoming EP project due out later this year.

Following on from first single ‘Blame Game’, Biyi is already becoming a fully formed UK Rap prospect who’s already been supported by The Independent, GRM Daily, Mixtape Madness, Notion, CLASH, BBC Radio 1 and more.

‘Lately’ is a early-2000s influenced UK rap track, blending both nostalgic UKG-esque production with an updated modern sound, that showcases the 27-year-old’s flow, lyrical ability and for the first cementing him as a technically gifted and versatile artist. It’s a sonic departure from his previous single, that had an irresistible Latin rhythm underpinning it, and one of multiple styles Biyi will cover on his upcoming EP.

Listen to ‘Lately’ by Biyi on the Super League Official Playlist on Spotify.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track & video, Biyi adds, “It’s a wavy one-take performance video in the middle of an old runway – and to me that symbolised being left alone but still being cool with it, still vibing, still ready to take flight and touch skies.

“The lyrics are basically saying ‘I haven’t seen you around lately, if you want to join me on this journey then I’d love that, but if not then I’m still shining over here on my own’.”

Away from music, Biyi is also a professional player for Rugby Union team Wasps in the English Premiership. “I’ve played rugby growing up, which is not popular with kids who look like me from my city. Rap and art through music is not necessarily synonymous with the “rugby world” but I feel as though firstly – I am a Black boy from London, and music and expressionism is in our blood,” he adds.

Much of Biyi’s writing focuses on his own mental struggles, be that with his identity,
relationships with others, or the loss of his father at a young age. “I continue to make music today and my favourite style of writing is the intense, vulnerable and introspective style which is my most common.”

Biyi | Twitter | Instagram

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