Blackfield are back with first track in three years ‘Summer’s Gone’


Blackfield return after a three-year hiatus with a new single ‘Summer’s Gone’ along with the announcement of a new album for 2020.

The track is the perfect curtain opener for For The Music, Blackfield’s most ambitious and expansive album to date, melding their psychedelic sonics to a perfect pop sensibility whilst, simultaneously, carrying a serious, and at times, dark, undertone.

The video for the track visualises this darkness expertly. Cutting between lead singer and songwriter Aviv Geffen preparing for a show in Tel Aviv and an unnamed Palestinian enduring the hardships of trying to enter Israel for work.

Listen to ‘Summer’s Gone’ by Blackfield on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

It follows Geffen’s long standing and much admired willingness to address the inequalities and conflicts of Israel’s relationship with the Palestinian people and to consistently look to create dialogues to find both accommodation and resolution to this question and other wider social issues, including equal rights for Israel’s LGBTQ community.

As Geffen says of the track and the promo which highlights the stark difference of life either side of the wall, “I was lucky enough to be born healthy and live the life that I do. For me it is important that as an artist I have a voice that I can use to reach as many people as possible.”

To date Aviv and Blackfield have remained something of a best kept secret. Despite high profile admirers including Coldplay, U2, and Biffy Clyro and a pivotal place in Israeli pop culture, where Geffen has been both establishment thorn in the side and revered national figure, his music has been the preserve of a passionate cult following, sold out shows across Europe notwithstanding.

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