Blanco Brown shares his viral hit trap-country track ‘The Git Up’


Blanco Brown shares his hit track ‘The Git Up’, which has exploded across the internet with more than 150 million viral views (and climbing by the minute).

Hitting the #1 spot on Spotify’s “Global Viral 50,” “US Viral 50,” “Canada Viral 50” and “Australia Viral 50” charts, ‘The Git Up’ has taken the #1, #2 and #3 spots on the iTunes Country chart in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia respectively and in the United States is the #3 Country song and #9 song across all genres.

Additionally, the line dance track is currently the fifth most Shazamed Country song and the 41st most across all genres.

Listen to ‘The Git Up’ by Blanco Brown on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

The viral track that Billboard said “is primed to make Blanco Brown the next trap country sensation,” was shared on April 26 via SoundCloud, along with a social video of Blanco performing the dance.

He has since uploaded a tutorial video of the dance and users across the country have eagerly been sharing their own videos of the dance using #TheGitUpChallenge.

“It’s been unbelievable to see how quickly and organically ‘The Git Up’ has exploded around the world! What an incredible blessing,” said Blanco Brown. “Seeing everybody make videos of themselves doing ‘The Git Up’ has been such a trip—keep ‘em coming!

“I’ve been watching as many as I can and love seeing how much joy this song brings to you all! Hopefully it continues to put smiles on people’s faces, because that’s what it’s all about!”

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