Step Out To These Boxing Ringwalk Anthems


Welcome to our Boxing Ringwalk Anthems Sport Playlist! Whether it’s used to psyche out opponents, hype up the crowd, or add to the general spectacle of a major sporting event, no boxing match can be complete without iconic ringwalk music. This is the music a fighter chooses to accompany his walk to the ring, and the choice can range from a personal favourite, to a personal manifesto.

Mike Tyson walked out to Redman’s Time for Sum Aksion for his first fight following prison, while Vitali Klitschko once strode out to AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells. In his prime, a young Prince Naseem Hamed stepped out to Ini Kamoze’s massive hit Here Comes The Hotstepper, while Lennox Lewis walked out to Missy Elliot’s Get Your Freak OnFloyd Mayweather comfortably defeated Robert Guerrero after sauntering out to Lil Wayne’s No Worries, and who can forget the Greatest himself, Muhammad Ali taking on Earnie Shavers after confidently landing in the ring with the Star Wars Theme – as perhaps only Ali could. In terms of confidence, Ali’s ring walk anthem is only perhaps equalled by the legendary Chris Eubank, turning a ringwalk into a catwalk with Tina Turner’s The Best.

So whether you’re training or just need some motivation to power through your day, check our playlist of boxing ring walk anthems. Featuring some of boxing’s most legendary ringwalk anthems, fan favourites and iconic tracks, it’s perfect for workouts and knockouts. Just run the other way if you hear The Best in the other corner…

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