Bring Me The Horizon celebrate a ‘wonderful life’ on latest single


One of the most talked about rock bands in the UK, the multi-platinum selling Bring Me The Horizon, have just released a new single entitled ‘wonderful life’.

The track, featuring Extreme Metal vocalist and Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth, is taken from from their highly anticipated album ‘amo’, which is out on January 25 through RCA.

The track received it’s first play on Dan Carter’s Radio 1 Rock Show, and has so far been streamed over 1.7 million times since its release.

The album tracklisting was also exclusively revealed, along with some special guests on the record which include Grimes, Rahzel and the aforementioned Filth, who also features in the video for the song.

Listen to ‘wonderful life’ by Bring Me The Horizon on the Official Fantasy Premier League Music Playlist on Spotify.

‘wonderful life’ comes hot on the tail of their debut release ‘MANTRA’, which sat on Radio 1’s playlist for 8 weeks and has been streamed over 34 Million times since it’s release in August.

The band’s frontman Oli Sykes says of the track “The lyrics for ‘wonderful life’ were done freestyle in the studio. It’s stream of consciousness type stuff about getting old and out touch, being off tour & loving the mundane things in life.

“I guess because it’s so novel when your life is mainly spent on the road, things like weekly shops and mowing your lawn are quite nice. People who spend most of their lives away from home can surely relate.

“I guess on top of that there’s this inner crisis I have of being a boring person but still having a desire to go wild inside me every now and again.. but yeah all in all it’s mostly word vomit, but also some of my favourite lyrics. The beginning is 100% legit and the irony was just too good, so we left it like that.”

A run of special UK shows kick off in November and include a two-night stint at Alexandra

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