Briston Maroney shares ‘Steve’s First Bruise’ from ‘Miracle Singles’ series


Briston Maroney follows up his recent Indiana EP with ‘Steve’s First Bruise’.

The new song and music video is the first in his ‘Miracle Singles’ series, created in London with producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele).

Maroney and his band finished writing this one on-the-spot during their studio soundcheck, prompting Abbiss to hit record seconds later.

Listen to ‘Steve’s First Bruise’ by Briston Maroney on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

The music video is 21-year-old Maroney’s eighth in his series with creative partner and director Joey Brodnax.

Before taking a typically unexpected turn, spiraling into a ritualistic circle of spectators and cell phones, ‘Steve’s First Bruise’ recalls the sweaty house shows where Maroney got his start.

Of the song, Maroney adds, “I played the two chords of basically the entire song for like an hour in a parking lot in Washington before the last show of our tour with Liz Cooper, and loved the energy but couldn’t crack the code of lyrics.

“We were tracking another song with Jim [Abbiss] in London that wasn’t going well, and I just started playing that guitar part in between takes and we ended up cranking it out in like 6 hours. It was an awesome and new experience for me to move so quickly!”

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