US rapper Caleb Steph shares snapshot of his life on latest track ‘Trapped’


Up and coming US rapper Caleb Steph has released his brand new single ‘Trapped’, which is the lead single from the forthcoming project Bellwood Product.

The track showcases Steph’s emotionally raw writing and hard won artistic growth.

In a series of vivid snapshots, the 20-year-old details the daily trials that marred his childhood and the structural inequities that continue to weigh on him.

Listen to ‘Trapped’ by Caleb Steph on the Shoot Music New Releases Playlist on Spotify.

With each bar and each strained breath, Steph captures the ceaseless, near suffocating terror of being young, black, and disenfranchised in America.

Bellwood Product, Steph’s debut project on Dirty Hit, is a poignant and arresting document of his harrowing life in Virginia.

Backed by lush, soulful beats from legendary G-Unit producer Sha Money XL, Steph uses his resonant voice to chronicle everything from untimely funerals and drug abuse to adolescent heartbreak and the joys of overcoming one systemic injustice after another.

Many of the stories are autobiographical, but he tells several from the perspectives of people he saw struggling on the blocks of Newport News and the adjacent city of Hampton, where he also lived for several years.

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