Can Zach Said ‘Catch a Feeling’ with his addictive first EP track?


Catch a Feeling’ is the first track to be taken from Zach Said’s new EP ‘Balance’ which comes out on Insanity Records this September.

It sees Zach Said as a man on a mission to find balance between life, work and love in this often jampacked day-to-day.

Channeling early Timberlake, ‘Balance’ see’s Zach Said step up his production, with huge hooks and massive choruses which demonstrate Zach Said’s pop credentials and making him one of the most exciting new alt-pop stars of the moment.

Zach Said, an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve encompasses that character in the 90s teen flicks, discovering that nice guys sometimes finish last and that love is harder than it seems (but we all know he gets the girl in the end).

Listen to Zach Said‘s ‘Catch a Feeling‘ on Shoot Music’s New Releases Playlist above.

The passion of Empire Records employee of the month and a sound and energy reminiscent of Anderson .Paak, Zach Said is the under-rated guy next door, the adorable stoner underdog, and more importantly the kid who makes punchy, undeniable pop tunes.