Celebrate Joe Strummer’s birthday with his uncovered ‘Rose of Erin’ record


In celebration of Joe Strummer’s birthday on August 21, Ignition Records have made available, for the first time, the unreleased song ’Rose of Erin’ digitally.

Rose of Erin’ is taken from the highly anticipated compilation ‘Joe Strummer 001,’ the first anthology to span Joe Strummer’s career outside of his recordings with The Clash to be released September 28.

Joe Strummer‘s ’Rose of Erin’ originates from the unreleased soundtrack to the 1993 Sara Driver film, ‘When Pigs Fly’ (starring Marianne Faithfull).

Rose of Erin’ is available now along with ‘It’s A Rockin’ World’ and ’London Is Burning,’ when you pre-order the album digitally and from the online store.

Listen to Joe Strummer‘s ‘Rose of Erin‘ via Shoot Music’s New Releases Playlist.

Joe Strummer 001’ features 32 tracks and includes favourites from his recordings with the 101ers, The Mescaleros, his solo albums, soundtrack work plus 12 previously unreleased songs.

All the formats include tracks that have never appeared anywhere before as well as new remasters.

Exclusive to all formats is an album of unreleased material including an early demo of ‘This Is England‘ entitled ‘Czechoslovak Song/Where Is England,’ a solo demo of ‘Letsagetabitarockin’ recorded in Elgin Avenue in 1975, two outtakes from ‘Sid & Nancy, the over ten minute long Mick and Joe song U.S.


North from 1986, the biographical and mythical recording ‘The Cool Impossible’ and ‘London Is Burning’ one of the last songs Joe Strummer recorded.

The archiving of this material and compiling of ‘Joe Strummer 001’ was overseen by Joe Strummer’s widow Lucinda Tait and compilation producer and art director Robert Gordon McHarg III.

All tracks were restored and mastered by Grammy Award winner Peter J. Moore at the E. Room in Toronto Canada.