Chaka Khan’s timeless funk vocals shine on ‘Like Sugar’


The Queen of Funk and multiple Grammy winner Chaka Khan has teamed up with Major Lazer founder and Grammy-nominated producer Switch (M.I.A., Beyoncé, Rihanna) to drop brand new track, ‘Like Sugar’, her first new material in over a decade..

The red hot, era-spanning track represent a scintillating collaboration between two leading talents and is a statement of intent as the first release from Switch’s new label imprint Diary Records.

Comebacks are en vogue in the world of music, but how often do two influential artists join forces to produce a track every bit as good as their classic material?

While Chaka Khan has returned to touring, new tracks have only emerged sporadically since her 2007 album ‘Funk This’. ‘Like Sugar’ demonstrates that her voice soars with as much power and emotion as it did back when her solo career exploded with ‘I’m Every Woman’, 40 years ago.

Listen to ‘Like Sugar’ by Chaka Khan on Shoot Music’s New Releases playlist on Spotify.

The track is the first taste of the 65-year old’s long-awaited new album on Diary Records, details of which will be announced soon.

After over a decade in London creating and influencing a broad spectrum of underground club music, Switch headed to Los Angeles and teamed up with Diplo to create Major Lazer.

At the same time he worked with leading artists including Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Brandy and Santigold. Upon leaving Major Lazer in 2013, Switch produced several tracks on the M.I.A. album ‘Matangi’, before deciding to change his focus and develop his own artists and projects.

This coincided with him meeting his now partner and collaborator, artist/writer/producer Sarah Ruba (co-writer on ‘Like Sugar’), who shared his ambitions. Together, Switch and Ruba decided to mastermind a new project which could hit that rare sweet spot between musical freedom, mainstream success, and artistic credibility.

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