Chelcee Grimes bares her heartbreak in emotional new single ‘I Need A Night Out’


Professional footballer turned songwriter Chelcee Grimes brings her old school pop sounds and fun, suggestive lyrics to latest single ‘I Need A Night Out’.

RCA’s latest pop sensation is causing a storm wherever she goes and ‘I Need A Night Out’, one of her most personal songs, is her up-tempo take on a typical heartbreak song.

The track derives from a personal low in the Fulham FC Women’s player’s life last year, following a breakup and a simple text to a friend saying that she just needed a night out to forget about all her problems.

Listen to ‘I Need A Night Out’ by Chelcee Grimes on the official Fantasy Premier League Music Playlist on Spotify.

Knowing that she couldn’t be the only person who feels like this, Chelcee jumped into a recording studio with Kara Diaguardi (one of her favourite writers of all time, who has written for many of Chelcee’s idols including P!nk, Britney and Gwen Stefani). Before they knew it, the song had been written and here we are.

The video for the song was filmed in Malaga. It has a party filled, let your hair down vibe that captures every aspect of a post heartbreak night out. Chelcee said she really wanted to highlight going through that roller coaster of emotions you feel after a big breakup in one night.

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