Chelcee Grimes drops her latest feel-good pop anthem ‘Time To Talk’


On a promising rise to the top, Liverpool talent Chelcee Grimes releases her latest offering ‘Time To Talk’, a feel good pop anthem which oozes vocal confidence.

Not one to shy away from her feelings, ‘Time To Talk’ sees Chelcee delivering an honest story of a personal relationship. An instantly infectious hook surrounded by bouncy synths, the uplifting track is just a snapshot of what is yet to come from the multifaceted singer and songwriter.

Emerging just last year with her debut single ‘Just Like That’, it was clear that Chelcee was about to have a very exciting musical career. Instantly picked up by top-tier tastemakers and penning for the likes of Dua Lipa, Jonas Blue and Tom Walker, it will come as no surprise to note that Chelcee is one of the hottest songwriters in the industry right now.

Listen to ‘Time To Talk’ by Chelcee Grimes on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

Alongside a stellar musical career, Chelcee is also a professional footballer – starting her career at Liverpool ladies at 10 years old before moving on to Everton, Tottenham, Tranmere and now Fulham FC.

Having presented during the BBC’s Women’s World Cup coverage and now being assigned as one of the anchors on MOTDX – a brand new prime time BBC2 football show about the lifestyle and culture of the Premier League – Chelcee is becoming a notable name for the BBC’s football coverage.

With the kind of natural musical talent and charisma to make it in two professional industries simultaneously, Chelcee is clearly a double threat to be reckoned with.

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