Cheryl makes her long awaited comeback with ‘​Love Made Me Do It​​’


Multi-award winning, multi-platinum selling and much loved global superstar, Cheryl is back and at her best as she announces the release of her highly anticipated new single ‘Love Made Me Do It’.

It’s the first release from the 35-year old since signing to 3Beat/Universal, marking a triumphant return after a four year break from the spotlight.

‘Love Made Me Do It’ is irreverently insistent, perfect pop that is classic Cheryl with a defiant twist.

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“It’s something that anyone who’s been in love will be able to relate to in some way or another,”

“It’s catchy and it’s fun. It’s not about one specific person or relationship, it’s more about me being the lover of love that I am. I just love love!”

The new single reunites the Newcastle-born singer with former Girls Aloud bandmate and friend Nicola Roberts, who co-wrote the track alongside Cheryl’s collaborators from her fourth studio album ‘Only Human’, Grammy-nominated multiplatinum songwriting and music production trio The Invisible Men.

The track is Cheryl at her most playful: ”Oh my god, I’m such a sucker, I fall in love with every f***er,” and showcases where she is at in her life right now – “Love made me do it… and I’d do it again”.

The single’s release marks the start of a new chapter: a new mum, a new label and a new direction, which has been a year in the making.

She has grown significantly as an artist and writer between each release, taking more control over her sound than ever before – something that shines through on ‘Love Made Me Do It’.

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