Crush Club’s groovy ‘We Dance’ turned into club classic on Supermini remix


New York duo Crush Club‘s funky single ‘We Dance’ is given a new lease of life as House DJ and producer Supermini puts his own spin on it with the club remix of the track.

It’s quite rare to hear a track and think “instant classic” but that’s exactly what will happen when your ears take in Supermini’s remix of Crush Club’s ‘We Dance’ for the first time. It’s an opinion share by BBC1 Radio 1‘s Annie Mac, who named the track as her No.1 Hottest Record in the World earlier this month.

Its funky, fresh, fun has an amazing vocal and is the perfect combination of uplifting pianos and groove. Supermini manages to skirt between appealing to the old school house heads as well as those that are new to this timeless genre.

Listen to ‘We Dance (feat. Supermini)’ by Crush Club on the official Fantasy Premier League Music playlist on Spotify.

Supermini heard the original Crush Club’s ‘We Dance’ via a friend’s post on Facebook, absolutely loved it and thought it needed a DJ friendly cut. He found Crush Club was a new band from NYC. ‘We Dance’ was their second single, before their recent feature on Purple Disco Machine‘s debut Album.

Supermini said, “The original is so good that I just wanted to do a club DJ friendly version, respecting the original but making it more appealing to club DJs.

“It didn’t need much more, there are other song’s remixes that feel like they should be different to the original, but this original is so awesome that the remix needed to just be a club-friendly tribute to a fantastic original song. And that’s what it is”.

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