DIAMANTE Drops Weekend Anthem ‘Coming In Hot’


DIAMANTE brings a new (and blue) fire to rock and alternative music with the release of her single ‘Coming In Hot‘, via Better Noise Records – and you can listen to it now on the Shoot Music – New Releases Playlist.

Swinging between an arena-filling chant and a robust and raucous riff, the single is the title track of the Los Angeles-based Mexican-Italian-American solo artist’s forthcoming debut album.

Produced by Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Chris Cornell, Halestorm, Kelly Clarkson), ‘Coming In Hot’ brings to light DIAMANTE’s signature sound that she has been meticulously working at since age 13.

Having an edgy style, sultry vocals, and pop sensibility to her music, and drawing influences from eighties female rock icons, including Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and Debbie Harry, the now 20-year-old singer aims to breathe new life into rock with ‘Coming In Hot’.

“It’s essentially a super fun weekend summer anthem,” she says.

“I picture people leaving their day jobs in the car on a Friday, cranking this, and getting ready to go nuts on the weekend. It’s also a metaphor for me coming in hot into the industry. I want to bring this style back and take over rock.”

Raised in Boston, the name DIAMANTE means Diamondin Spanish. Just along with her title and heritage, her talent always meant she stood out.


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