Dirty Projectors share ‘Lose Your Love’ from second EP release of 2020


Brooklyn based group Dirty Projectors have shared their new single, ‘Lose Your Love’.

At a moment when social distancing threatens to collapse into social alienation, Felicia Douglass implores us to, “Just hold on, let yourself be found!”. The track is an anthem that invites connection and celebrates our need for one another.

The song’s big, buoyant beats and exuberant instrumentation are a world away from the acoustic meditations of the Windows Open EP they released in . But this is another facet of the same dynamic band: keyboardist-percussionist Felicia takes the lead, joined in harmony by Maia Friedman and Kristin Slipp, on music written and produced by Dave Longstreth.

Listen to ‘Lose Your Love’ by Dirty Projectors on the Official ePremier League Playlist on Spotify.

On June 26, Dirty Projectors will release Flight Tower, the next in a sequence of five EPs that will come out in 2020.

March’s Windows Open EP was not a one-off, but the opening feature of a pentahedron of new music the band began in 2019 and is now working to wrap.

Each EP will feature a different band member on lead vocals — Maia, Felicia, Kristin & Dave — with everyone trading verses on the fifth and final installment.

On Flight Tower, Felicia is in the captain’s chair. Each track is built around her mellifluous alto and empathetic eye, and Felicia and Dave wrote the lyrics together.

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