DMA’S share infectious new remix of single ‘The End’ by Channel Tres


DMA’S have shared a remix of single ‘The End’ from their most recent Top 20 charting album ‘For Now’ by highly sought after Californian producer & songwriter Channel Tres.

Channel Tres released his self-titled debut EP this July to critical acclaim and single ‘Jet Black’ received rave reviews including Best New Track on Pitchfork.

His DMA’S remix merges early hip-hop influences, house chillness and vocal sensuality to create breathtaking beats and a contagious vocal hook.

Listen to ‘The End (Channel Tres remix)’ by DMA’s on Shoot Music’s New Releases playlist on Spotify.

DMA’S second album ‘For Now’ was released this May and charted in the UK at No.13 in the official charts and No.2 in the Independent charts, a significant achievement for the Sydney trio.

Produced by the band alongside Kim Moyes of The Presets, ‘For Now’ is a gloriously uplifting album of beautifully honed, passionately emotive rock’n’roll songs.

Demonstrating that DMA’S are brimming with confidence, its crowd-pleasing hooks and rich melodies make this a timeless indie album. Their purity and command of songcraft is on vivid display throughout the album, with beautiful ballads such as ‘In The Air’
showcasing sweeping production, and daydream-inducing lyrics that shine a light on the band’s much-loved talent for pop writing.

While the collection echoes the strident, hook-heavy Britpop and Madchester influences of the band’s debut, it’s also an album that demonstrates a very organic evolution. The album version of ‘The End’ (written by guitarist Johnny Took) shows Kim Moyes’ influence with its dark electronic production and synths.

Above all, it’s an album that demonstrated a very organic evolution for DMA’S.

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