Dubstar release ‘You Were Never In Love’ from forthcoming album ‘One’ – and you can listen to it on the Fantasy Premier League playlist.

A glorious stain on the bed linen of British pop culture and the last word on decadent, bittersweet, electro-pop – ‘One’ is Dubstar’s first new material for 17 years. 

The band, comprising of Sarah Blackwood and Chris Wilkie, formed in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1993, signed to Food Records at the height of the Britpop era.

There they had eight Top-40 singles (including ‘Not So Manic Now‘ and ‘Stars‘) and three hugely successful albums (including ‘Disgraceful‘, ‘Goodbye‘ and ‘Make It Better‘) in the 1990s before splitting in 2000.

‘One’ – their long-awaited fourth record – released September 28 – has been produced by Youth and includes proper single entitled ‘You Were Never In Love’.

The track is like Trevor Horn is in the room with you – where Sarah appears to be singing from the after-life – or at least a celestial perspective – and assuring her generation that everything’s going to be alright.

On ‘One’, Chris suddenly discovered he could hide himself in songs and reveal truths that were far more candid and personal to him – like ‘Love Comes Late‘ and ‘Love Gathers‘.

As yet, there are no plans to tour the record live.


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