Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien shares solo album sampler ‘Brasil’ under EOB moniker


Ed O’Brien of Radiohead has unveiled the first impression of his debut album under the moniker of EOB, ‘Brasil’.

It follows the non-LP teaser ‘Santa Teresa’ hailed as “beautifully ambient” by NPR.

Written by O’Brien, ‘Brasil’ is a near nine minute epic that begins life as a plaintive ballad built on the bare bones of O’Brien’s voice and acoustic guitar before blooming into a grandiose rave-up, anchored by the rock solid drumming of Omar Hakim and a hypnotic bassline from O’Brien’s Radiohead bandmate Colin Greenwood.

Listen to ‘Brasil’ by EOB on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

Produced by Flood (who also contributes System 700 synth) and mixed by Alan Moulder, the dimensions of ‘Brasil’ are further expanded by engineer Adam “Cecil” Bartlett’s programming, David Okumu’s guitar playing, and recording engineer Richie Kennedy’s sampler programming.

Director Andrew Donoho’s take on ‘Brasil’ translates the song’s otherworldly feel into a global narrative exploration of the human condition.

“‘Brasil’ was one of those tracks just dripping with magic from the very beginning,” Donoho recalls. “Everything started clicking very quickly. Empathy, togetherness, wonder, spirituality, and exploration resonated from the song and the references, and I wanted to write a large scope, otherworldly concept weighted in humanity.

“Ed and I both shared a love of space and the abstract concepts surrounding time, so I started building a narrative around transcending the physical barriers of our bodies and the temporal barriers of linear experience.”

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