Fire From The Gods share poignant ‘Break The Cycle’ in support of BLM


Fire From The Gods share ‘Break The Cycle’ a song fully representative of the call to arms in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

Vocalist AJ Channer could not sit on the sidelines for one more day. When the world erupted in protest of the killing of George Floyd, he set out right away for Minneapolis.

There’s no better time than now to enact the philosophy supported by the lyrics of the track on his band’s album, American Sun, which was recorded in early 2019, well before this call to action heard worldwide.

Listen to ‘Break The Cycle’ by Fire From The Gods on the Shoot Music New Releases Playlist on Spotify.

The video for ‘Break The Cycle’ (directed by Wombat Fire) is a story of support for people fighting to not have to fight anymore. It is the story of generations of struggle experienced by BIPOC all over the world.

Footage from Channer’s trips to Minneapolis and Atlanta make their way into the video
with additional protest coverage from the media and the proverbial fire started by the movement.

All of the footage from AJ’s recent travels will be combined to make a docu-series on the current state of the world. The moving footage takes you to the streets of Minneapolis and Atlanta days after the murder of George Floyd, focusing on why the system is set up to fail while investigating how we can change that as one united body.

AJ interviews protestors on the ground, community leaders and other local artists to showcase the power of strength in community, and how we, as a country, can
move forward.

Armed with a bold hybrid of metal, rock, and hip-hop, Fire From The Gods punch through genre and cultural barriers and make a provocative and powerful statement with each subsequent album.

Signing to Five Finger Death Punch guitarist and mastermind, Zoltan Bathory and 10th Street Entertainment for management and Better Noise Music for label in 2019, the group served up its most potent offering yet with American Sun.

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