Friendly Fires share ‘Offline’ from recently released comeback record


Friendly Fires celebrate the release of their first album in eight years last week by sharing ‘Offline (with Friend Within)’.

Arriving almost a decade after their last album, Inflorescent is the sound of a band rejuvenated and reborn.

The hiatus had left some to question whether we’d ever see another full length Friendly Fires record but once the three band members – Ed Macfarlane, Edd Gibson and Jack Savidge, friends since the age of eleven – reconvened in Macfarlane’s parents’ St Albans garage (the scene of much of their early recorded output) at the tail end of 2017, things were never really in doubt.

Listen to ‘Offline (with Friend Within)’ by Friendly Fires on the Official F1 Tracks playlist on Spotify.

Arriving with just three scrawled words (“Love. Like. Waves”) as a starting point, they soon emerged with a finished song as fresh and vital as anything they’d done before.

Alongside producers / co-producers Mark Ralph, James Ford and Disclosure, Friendly Fires spent eighteen months making a record in a variety of London studios that stands tall among their previous albums; the Brit Award and Mercury Prize-nominated self-titled debut and its acclaimed follow up, Pala.

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