Fuse ODG links up with Danny Ocean for a ‘Lazy Day’ on new track


Afrobeats pioneer Fuse ODG returns with his brand new track ‘Lazy Day’ which features Latin superstar Danny Ocean.

Fuse distills the feeling of having one of those days when you feel like doing absolutely nothing, and dedicates his new song ‘Lazy Day’ to the virtues of having a chilled one with the one you love.

No plans, no pressure, just lounging about, eating and watching trashy tv, Fuse extolling the key message… “work hard, rest hard, recharge, then take over”

Listen to ‘Lazy Day (feat. Danny Ocean)’ by Fuse ODG on the Official F1 Tracks playlist on Spotify.

‘Lazy Day’ melds West African guitar licks and upbeat syncopated rhythms to create an infectious afrobeats track with global appeal.

As well as Fuse, the track also features massive Venezuelan artist, Danny Ocean, whose hit ‘Me Rehúso’ has had over one billion streams to date. His verse in Spanish melds with the track’s Caribbean stylings.

Fuse says ”I wanted this track to be classic Fuse that everybody loves. It’s an upbeat, but laid back track about chilling at home, not being bothered by anybody.

“I like to mix different genres together so wanted to get that cross over between and African and Latin vibes. I’m a big fan of latin music and as an artist, Danny’s been killing it.”

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