Garbage take aim at the global elite on ‘The Men Who Rule the World’


Garbage have shared their new track ‘The Men Who Rule the World’, alongside announcing details about their brand-new seventh studio album.

No Gods No Masters, set for release on 11 June via Stunvolume/Infectious Music. The first taster of it, ‘The Men Who Rule the World’ is an incendiary indictment and call to arms, a typically powerful sonic display that sets the tone for the band’s searing new record.

A critique of the rise of capitalist short-sightedness, racism, sexism and misogyny across the world, the track is a forceful protest song and a clear statement of intent from a band who still believe in the power of dissent.

Listen to ‘The Men Who Rule the World’ by Garbage on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

“This is our seventh record, the significant numerology of which affected the DNA of its content: the seven virtues, the seven sorrows, and the seven deadly sins,” says Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson of the band’s ferocious new album No Gods No Masters and its twists and turns from capitalism and lust to loss and grief.

“It was our way of trying to make sense of how f**king nuts the world is and the astounding chaos we find ourselves in. It’s the record we felt that we had to make at this time.”

Produced by Garbage and long-time collaborator Billy Bush, the seeds for No Gods No Masters were planted in summer 2018 in the desert in Palm Springs. The quartet convened at a home belonging to one of Steve Marker’s relatives and sketched out the skeleton of the album over two weeks, jamming, experimenting and feeling the songs out. They then took those demos and went their separate ways, before reconvening in Los Angeles to finish the record.

The band are also releasing a deluxe CD/digital version of No Gods No Masters, which features covers of classic tracks, including David Bowie’s Starman’ and Because the Night’, written by Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen. Their take on ‘Because the Night’ also features US punk rock outfit Screaming Females.

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