George Moir kicks off highly anticipated 2021 with ‘Empty’ single


Fresh from being picked as one of Amazon Music’s OTW 2021, George Moir has shared a new track ‘Empty’, out now via Infectious Music.

‘Empty’ is a wistful, sugary indie power pop jam, filled with quirky vocal layerings and laid-back grooves. About the new track, George says: “‘Empty’ is kind of a sister track to my last single ‘Flowers’.

“I wrote it the same week – we had one day left at the studio before I had to go home. I was drained and spent the whole year up to that point working a full time job alongside making music. Eventually I had to quit the job and the money was starting to run out and I was completely burnt out. We’d been trying to write stuff all day and nothing was really very good, but I went back to the studio on my own, sat down at a Rhodes piano and out came the song.”

Listen to ‘Empty’ by George Moir on the Official F1 Tracks playlist on Spotify.

George continues, “It was like it was just waiting there for me. It was a huge relief to not have to brute force anything, and it summed up the whole frustrated feeling for me! I was absolutely knackered and absolutely broke, and it was a real relief to stop holding it together for a minute and just get it out into a song.”

Inspired by contemporaries like James Blake, Tom Misch and Rex Orange County, his quirky world was birthed out of a unique upbringing, which included being one of eight homeschooled siblings, raised by a collage artist mother and honey farmer father.

Quickly proving that there is no better time for an artist with his repertoire of talents to emerge, George’s latest tracks ‘Flowers’ and ‘Big Boy Crusing’ provide a whole grain and good for the gut antidote to modern day doom and gloom.

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