DJ and Producer Gerry Read drops new track ‘S**t Can’t Make Anything’


Gerry Read, the Suffolk-born, London-based DJ and producer, releases his first slice of heart warming house on Ministry of Sound, the groove-laden ‘S**t Can’t Make Anything’.

After a stellar 2019, releasing acclaimed EP It’ll All Be Over via DJ Koze’s acclaimed label Pampa, Gerry is ready to unleash a burst of colour into 2020. ‘S**t Can’t Make Anything’ is both playful and deceptively well put together, being described as a cheeky dance-floor banger of the lost summer of 2020.

‘S**t Can’t Make Anything’ is a track that reveals itself in stages: a chopped up disco guitar line begins the track, overlapping with a psychedelic synth line that weaves its way through the early stages of the song.

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It’s with the introduction of the string section that the track shifts into new realms, unlocking a wave of euphoria that recalls a studio 54 disco classic as if viewed through a kaleidoscope.

Gerry Read began releasing house in 2010 using fruity loops, a drum kit and samples. His early releases would unknowingly coin phrases such as ‘Outsider’ or ‘Lo-fi house.

He grew up in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and played football for Ipswich as a youth before he got into music and is now based in North London. Being self-taught on guitar and drums he aspired to form a band but was unable to find anybody in his hometown.

At age 15, he used his mum’s laptop to discover electronic music and ultimately end up producing for himself. His debut album Jummy was received to critical acclaim worldwide which is said to have influenced artists such as Ross From Friends & Anthony Naples.

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