Gorillaz unveil third episode of ‘Song Machine’ featuring Peter Hook & Georgia


Gorillaz have unveiled ‘Aries’, the third episode of Song Machine featuring the legendary Peter Hook on bass and alt-pop singer and producer Georgia on drums.

‘Aries’ sees our virtual heroes capture much of the current mood with a soaring affirmation of human connection.

We last saw 2D, Noodle and Russel when they visited Lake Como, via a Kong Studios portal, while accidentally (or not) leaving bandmate Murdoc behind. ‘Aries’ now picks up with Murdoc inviting longtime bandmate and rival 2D on a trip for some quality frenemy time, with a little truth serum on hand for the ride…

Listen to ‘Aries (feat. Peter Hook and Georgia)’ by Gorillaz on the Official Fantasy Premier League Playlist on Spotify.

Gorillaz guitarist Noodle said, “Highly impatient and competitive, many Aries have the fighting spirit of your mythological ruler.”

With last week’s message from Murdoc Niccals, the band assured fans that the Song Machine remains ON. Now, they are inviting the bold and the brave to escape the unreality of lockdown and get lost With Gorillaz, as Murdoc, 2D, Noodle and Russel, drawn to various locations around the world, send back regular reports from the splendidly real confines of virtual isolation.

Song Machine is the newest concept from one of the most inventive bands around, with Gorillaz disrupting the paradigm all over again. In direct opposition to the usual traditional recording/single/album release cycle, the band again breaks convention in their own round the back door fashion with the spontaneous delivery of episodes throughout the year.

The first song straight out of Kong was ‘Momentary Bliss’, which saw the iconic band team up with slowthai and Slaves for a glorious start to 2020.

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