Grace Carter shares anthem of forgiveness ‘Amnesia’


Straight off the back of launching the video for her latest single ‘Fired Up’, Grace Carter shares details of her latest new single ‘Amnesia’.

It also comes ahead of setting out on tour with the biggest British breakthrough artist of the year Lewis Capaldi.

Another slice of her new found resilience and musical direction, ‘Amnesia’ is an upbeat, punchy song that explores forgiveness and new beginnings in love and life; a perfect song to embrace as we enter a new year and new decade.

Listen to ‘Amnesia’ by Grace Carter on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

“’Amnesia’ is a forgiveness anthem. A lot of my songs have been about my childhood and rejection I dealt with growing up.” says Grace.

“‘Amnesia’ was written a few months ago the day after I reunited with my father. I felt lost, I had dealt with my emotions through songwriting for years but my situation remained the same. It was this day that I felt like I found clarity.

“Through separation I built people up to heights they could never reach therefore I was always going to be let down. Amnesia is me accepting the past and the fact everyone makes human mistakes and we’re all growing. Amnesia is about me choosing to move on.”

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