HÆLOS share remixes of ‘Any Random Kindness’ album tracks


London band HÆLOS aka Lotti Benardout, Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith and Daniel Vildósola have curated a collection of selected reworks of their choice album tracks from some of Europe’s most respected names in underground house and techno.

The EP also includes two unreleased and contrasting reworks of the bands ‘End of World Party’ from Berlin-born DJ and producer Sascha Funke which are out now and available to buy stream.

Sascha has delivered two versions of the track, his breakbeat inspired cut alongside his techno referencing rework, mirroring Sascha’s varied and multigenre DJ sets which incorporate elements of house, techno, disco, wave, electro, cosmic and Krautrock.

Listen to ‘End of World Party – Sascha Funke Techno Remix’ by HÆLOS on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Featuring on the EP are the pre-released Greco-Roman boss and Hot Chip co-founder Joe Goddard’s remix of the bands ‘Empty Skies’ and Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas’ collaborative remix of ‘Buried in the Sand’ which are both out now.

German DJ, producer, engineer and Desolat co-founder Martin Buttrich has presented two versions of ‘Deep State’. His Deep State ‘Dub Mix’ is a typically minimal, glitchy and stripped back Buttrich affair, whilst his ‘Vocal Mix’ presents a new persona, a gorgeously downtempo slice of ambient electronica, incorporating HÆLOS’ trademark piano riffs and luscious vocals from the original.

The remixes EP is a heavyweight package of fresh remixes of tracks from HÆLOS Any Random Kindness album released earlier this year and sees the band moving into more underground electronic circles and creatively delving into the electronic influences which inspired the last album.

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