HÆLOS return as a four-piece with new track ‘Buried In The Sand’


London-based trip-hop group HÆLOS release their first new music as a four-piece with the single, ‘Buried In The Sand’, with an accompanying video by renowned directors the Sacred Egg.

The initial HÆLOS trio comprising of Lotti Benardout, Arthur Delaney and Dom Goldsmith has expanded with the addition of Daniel Vildósola, now a full time member after being part of the HÆLOS touring band.

Over two years since the release of their debut album, ‘Full Circle’ (via Matador), ‘Buried In The Sand’ is the first taste of more new music to come via Infectious in 2019.

Listen to ‘Buried In The Sand’ by HÆLOS on the Official Fantasy Premier League Music Playlist on Spotify.

On the new track, the group said, “When we came back to work on the music that would become our new album we decided to explore different ways of writing to challenge and push ourselves in a new direction.

“We set about trying to write one song an hour for a week and ‘Buried In The Sand’ came from one of those jams, with Dom working a beat and bass line from his modular set up and Daniel, Lotti and Arthur jamming licks and vocals over the top.

“Our passion for throwing together odd genres meant we all dove deep into our record collections for inspiration which lead us to interesting places like the bluesy undertones in Arthur’s vocal. Daniel, who toured with us from the beginning, was really involved in the writing and has joined us as a full member of HÆLOS. His musicality is all over this track.

HÆLOS will tour North America in March and April next year, with a sold-out show next month at London’s Laylow followed by a second show in the capital at Electrowerkz in January 2019.

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