HÆLOS share ‘End of World Party’ single from sophomore record


HÆLOS have released ‘End of World Party’, the newest single off their forthcoming album, Any Random Kindness, out May 10 via Infectious.

Following a string of previously released tracks including ‘Boy / Girl’, ‘Kyoto’, and ‘Buried in The Sand’, ‘End of World Party’ is a satirical look at disregarding the apocalyptic aspects of humanity and focusing on the now.

’End of World Party’ went through a few different versions, and then we took things from other songs and these new melodies materialised that we ran with. There’s a lot of fun production in it,” Arthur Delaney explains regarding the song’s unique sonic spin.

Listen to ‘End of World Party’ by HÆLOS on the Shoot Music New Releases Playlist on Spotify.

Lotti Benardout elaborates on its themes, “It’s a bit more tongue-in-cheek than some of the other tracks on the record. We’re all humans in the end—you often need to turn yourself off from the news and enjoy the moment.”

The follow up to 2016’s Full Circle, Any Random Kindness is an astoundingly textured record and a huge leap forward for HÆLOS’ band members Lotti Benardout, Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith, and Daniel Vildósola.


The shivering, gorgeous atmospheres conjured on Full Circle are more warm-blooded and varied than ever, the result of a new approach to live instrumentation the band took in-studio. It was recorded in a variety of locations—from Benardout’s basement and Delaney’s house to a studio in the English countryside, miles away from their city digs.

Throughout, the album touches on themes ranging from the permanent destruction caused by climate change to the ephemeral emotions projected onto social media.

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