The Heavy urge everyone to be true to themselves on ‘Heavy For You’


The Heavy today announced details of their new album, along with sharing the record’s first track ‘Heavy For You’.

Entitled Sons, the band’s fifth album is due for release on May 17, with fans able to receive their latest single instantly when pre-ordering the album from the band’s official store or iTunes. ‘Heavy For You’ is also available to stream everywhere from today.

Of the new track, lead singer Kelvin Swaby commented; “‘Heavy For You’ is a reminder that in the age and times we live in now, with everybody being a critic, regardless of how damning and cruel someone’s musings may be, to never be affected by the misunderstandings of ignorance.

Listen to ‘Heavy For You’ by The Heavy on the Shoot Music New Releases Playlist on Spotify.

“Whatever and however we do anything, always be true to the heart and with all of the love that it deserves. Always. Never sell out on yourself or the idea of what makes you, YOU”.

Formed in 2007 in the West Country and with four incredibly successful albums released via hip British indie label Ninja Tune, the group have clocked up a mightily impressive 200 million streams for their previous releases and are now set to release their latest offering via BMG.

Sons takes the band’s blazing, urgent and infectious sound to dizzying new heights, flitting between soul, bombastic rock, and blues in a singular package. “Sons is taking it back to the dirt and filth we are best known for……and making it better than we ever have” adds Swaby.

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