Hyro The Hero unveils ‘Legendary’ link-up with metalcore band Atreyu


Critically acclaimed rock/hip-hop fusion artist Hyro The Hero has dropped an epic new single titled ‘Legendary’, with the help of chart-topping metalcore band Atreyu.

The track, told through the perspective of a champion celebrating his victories with lyrics like, “Now look what I have become/ I’m a legend living in the present/ You are witnessing perfection/ You should feel blessed in my presence,” makes an unapologetic statement about leaning into one’s confidence.

Co-written by Hyro, Matt Good, Brandon Saller (lead vocalist of Atreyu), Dan Jacobs, Travis Miguel, and amplified by aggressive production from Good, the song continues Hyro’s unique musical journey, blending genres, playing tribute to his Houston, TX roots, and expanding his ever-growing love for rock music.

Listen to ‘Legendary (feat. Brandon Saller of Atreyu)’ by Hyro The Hero on the Official Fantasy Premier League playlist on Spotify.

Of the new track, Hyro the Hero says, “‘Legendary’ is a look into the life and feeling of a champion. I wanted to express how it would feel in my mind to make such an impact on the world that you are considered a legend.

“I’m so happy that Atreyu was able to be a part of this song, and that Brandon Saller lent his amazing vocals. They have been in the game for years and bring an actual legendary power and life to it. This is such an epic track and my goal is that it will inspire others to lean into their greatness.”

Saller added, “Hyro first got put on my radar maybe seven years ago by a good friend Fred Archambault. Since then I’ve had my eye on what he was doing. Last summer we did the Disrupt Festival with him, and he blew me away at every show. His energy was amazing and we immediately hit it off.

“When the opportunity came to be on a track with him, I had no hesitations. This song has such a vibe to it and has so much power. I’m stoked to be a part of it.”

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