Puerto Rican artist Iann Dior collaborates with Travis Barker on ‘Darkside’


Rising Texas-based, Puerto-Rican born artist Iann Dior drops a huge new single ‘Darkside’ featuring Travis Barker, of legendary pop-punk band Blink 182.

It follows his incendiary release ‘Gone Girl’ ft Trippie Redd and recent banger ‘Strings’ ft. Gunna.

It’s a bouncy, bold, up-tempo jam as one would expect from such a collab, but the ability of iann to adapt his flow and vocal around the new musical canvas to such effect is bound to continue the interest and heat around the rising young star.

Listen to ‘Darkside (feat. Travis Barker)’ by Iann Dior on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

The 19-year-old artist has broken through by sheer force of talent – with an undeniable ability to blend frank, emotionally charged lyrics over dark, innately melodic instrumentals.

The rapper and artist’s accelerated rise brought him to the attention of Elliott Grainge’s 10K Projects (6ix9ine, Trippie Redd, Lil Gnar, Austin Brown), who would immediately sign him and release his debut mixtape nothings ever good enough in April.

The most recent offering from his forthcoming debut album Industry Plant is ‘Darkside’, which showcases a whole new side to the artist’s notable repertoire, a considerable departure from his usual style but as naturally catchy and undeniable as always.

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