Jamie Webster shares pair of singles from Top 10 charting ‘We Get By’


Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Jamie Webster shares the singles ‘Common People’ and ‘This Place’, taken from his recently released Top 10 charting album We Get By.

By singing the lives of the angels, villains and overlooked of Liverpool, the Reds super fan tells of the hope-filled daydreams of a generation on We Get By available now via Modern Sky.

‘Common People’ and ‘This Place’ are both standout tracks from the album, however with slightly different feels. The latter is as heartfelt, and necessarily simple as a love song to anyone’s home city can be, whilst the former breaks through the humdrum of the daily grind, bringing a refreshing sense of unity and hope.

Listen to ‘Common People’ by Jamie Webster on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Sold out gigs around the UK and Ireland, streaming figures hitting 100,000s in days and lauded by the Liverpool Echo as amongst the 15 most influential people shaping the culture of Merseyside today, Webster as a phenomenon is matched by Webster the artist.

He is defined by his talent, humility, sense of community and, above all, an insatiable love of music. Unashamedly namechecking The La’s, Bowie, Shack, Sinatra, Stone Roses and Noel Gallagher in his list of whip-smart sonic storytellers, Webster’s route to fans’ hearts been nothing if not direct.

Having played in bands since he was 16, Webster’s love of performing with his six-string was supercharged through football culture, playing post-match gigs where hundreds of voices joined in his choruses, win or lose. Now the former electrician and his exuberantly confident band generate instant festival atmospheres wherever they go.

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