US DJ Jauz drops highly requested remix of viral hit ‘Baby Shark’


Esteemed US DJ and producer Jauz has delivered his official remix of Pinkfong’s viral hit ‘Baby Shark’, out now via Pinkfong/Relentless/Sony Music.

Adding not one but two momentous drops, alarming sirens and a bass-heavy breakdown, Jauz successfully transforms one of the world’s most recognisable children’s songs into a high-energy, electronic hit. Pinkfong’s collaboration with Jauz is the first of its kind for the children’s educational brand.

“We’re very excited to announce our latest collaboration with Jauz. He did an incredible job on making the remix, and we hope children, families, and music fans of all generations enjoy the new song,” declared Pinkfong.

Listen to ‘Baby Shark (Jauz remix)’ by Pinkfong on the Shoot Music New Releases playlist on Spotify.

With the ‘Baby Shark’ dancing video officially the ninth most viewed video in YouTube history, Jauz received an onslaught of requests from fans to remix the viral sensation.

Last November the Bite This! label boss succumbed to the demands of his fans and posted a now famed tweet, claiming he would finally remix the iconic children’s tune if he received 20,000 retweets. Within 48 hours, Jauz’s tweet went viral and he was locked in for the remix.

“I was definitely more than shocked at the response I got, the tweet I posted asked for what I thought was a really lofty goal of 20,000 likes on the tweet, and within a few hours, I think it had surpassed 22,000 without breaking a sweat,” Jauz explains.

“After that, I knew I had signed an unwritten contract between myself and my fans to make it happen. To take a song like ‘Baby Shark’, something that is so universally known by infants all the way to grandparents all over the planet and turn it into something of my own was a huge task.”

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