Jax Jones & Martin Solveig share new Europa release ‘Tequila’


Dance music greats Jax Jones and Martin Solveig reunite for another Europa release, this time teaming up with longtime friend and collaborator RAYE to drop new track ‘Tequila’, out now via Polydor and Positiva Records.

Europa – meaning ‘stronger together’ – is the multi-platinum DJ’s joint musical venture born out of the pairs friendship and mutual desire to continue creating genre defying dance music. Alongside RAYE, ‘Tequila’ encompasses a bold dance beat underpinned by catchy pop tones that produce a sound designed to resonate on dancefloors across the globe.

In typical Europa style, ‘Tequila’ has a heavy bass line but also infuses a smoother sound with strong elements of sax throughout.

Listen to ‘Tequila (feat. RAYE)’ by Jax Jones and Martin Solveig Present Europa on the Official Premier League Training Playlist on Spotify.


This combined with vocals from one of UK pop music’s most exciting female talents, RAYE’s voice brings a strong sense of soul and melodic flow to the beats all married together to make something that is instantly catchy yet dancefloor cool.

Speaking of the single, Jax Jones said “I like to make music that makes people happy and dance. So to achieve that I try to make the studio a fun environment. Cos if we aren’t dancing the song is probably s**t.

“Often I’ll use Tequila as a replacement for coffee to break the ice and loosen up the vibe a bit. Raye and I did the same when we wrote the song ‘You Don’t Know Me’ – We had a such a fun time that day and it started a beautiful family style friendship I have with all my collaborators.

“This time round I must admit the Tequila was flowing a bit more so we ended up writing a song about it. Which I love by the way. It’s very natural and echo’s how Martin, Raye and I felt at the time. So for me this song represents good times with my friends, not taking yourself too seriously, memorable nights out and tacos.”

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